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In all areas of our curriculum we aim to engage, motivate and stretch each child. We do this by providing stimulating lessons that are purposeful, enjoyable and responsive to each child. We intend to promote the development of children intellectually, socially, physically and morally to provide children with the basic skills they need for life.

In the early stages of their school life the children are encouraged to explore their own interests as well as be guided in the skills and knowledge that lead to reading, writing, mathematics and science. As they progress through the school, we aim to introduce a wide range of themes in history, geography, art etc to give understanding to the world around them. In addition to the subjects specified by the National Curriculum the school addresses areas such as personal and social understanding, health, multi-cultural learning and citizenship. We are proud to be recognised as a 'Healthy School' and know that giving children a healthy lifestyle is part of our responsibility. 

This years learning.

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