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Class Dojo!

We are introducing a new behaviour system in the school starting this week. With the new system, children will gain recognition for their positive behaviour too! The system is underpinned by an interactive piece of software called ‘Class Dojo’. As a parent you will be able to download the free app at ipad/iphones or for android devices. Once downloaded you can insert your child’s unique reference code (please see the reverse side of the letter sent home for your child’s code) so you will be able to see all the dojo points that they are collecting. At the end of the week you will also be sent a weekly report summarising your child’s behaviour and dojo points for the week. The system also allows us to be able to message you with reminders about upcoming events.

Green dojo points will be gained for positive behaviours such as sitting and listening on the carpet, working well in a group, excellent knowledge and understanding, and aiming high and trying our best. Red negative dojo points will be given for disruptive behaviour in lessons. More serious incidents (like those such as hurting others which would have gained a straight red under the previous traffic lights system) will gain 5 dojo red points. Children do have the opportunity to receive 5 green dojo points for being kind and ignoring the disruptive behaviour of others. Once a child receives 15 red dojo points in a term you will be informed in writing and invited in to come and speak with your child’s class teacher. Should a child receive 25 red points in a term parents will be asked to come and speak to Mr Weedon or myself. Children gaining 80% or more positive dojo points will also gain their house team a point. This will raise to 5 points if your child gets 100% positive dojo points each week. The house with the most points at the end of term will receive a house treat on the last day of term.

We thank you for your support with this new system.
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to come and speak to me.
  Mrs Hatch