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Harvest Day

The children enjoyed a lovely Harvest Day - celebrating the fruits of autumn! The whole school took part in making delicious apple flapjacks. Hedgehog Class made scarecrows and did apple printing. Otter Class made vegetable collages and visited our orchard. Robin Class made bread and Deer Class wrote a class poem.


Our Harvest Box
We will put in the box...
Big barrels bubbling with cider,
Abundant bushes bursting with blackberries,
Rivers of apples and cornfields with colour all around.

We will put in the box...
Golden leaves falling on luscious green hills,
Lolly-red apples blowing in the gentle breeze,
The yellow combine harvester cutting the corn.

We will put in the box...
The old ragged flapping in the wind,
The leaves scattered along the ground,
And the harvest dragon burning the trees.

Our box is fashioned from the tallest apple trees,
With myths on the lid and wonders of the sides,
It's hinges are made from the thorns of blackberries.

We shall feast on apple pie inside our Harvest Box,
On the hills of Haddon with the vixen and her cubs running around,
Under the double rainbows of Exmoor,
Then we shall sit beside the fire and rest.