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Roman Soldier visits!

A Roman Soldier came to visit Years 3 & 4. Here is what the children thought of the experience:

First the Roman soldier showed us the armour such as his helmet, sandals, tunic and metal shirt. Next he showed us the weapons and a shield that they used to protect themselves from enemies. Lucy

On Friday we had a Roman soldier visitor who showed us lots of equipment, tools and weapons. He also showed us the tortoise formation that that the soldiers used. He showed us lots of weapons like a sword called a Gladius, a throwing spear called a
Pilum and shield for defending themselves. The sword was used to stab quickly at
the enemy. The throwing spear was for chucking at the enemy and it bent when it
landed! Silvie

He showed us a Roman helmet, a mirror, a wax tablet and lots more. We also watched a slide show of Roman soldiers. We were told about the armour they wore. It was an action packed morning! In the afternoon we did some work on our shields, which we had made ourselves, it was definitely the best bit of the day! We learnt how to march and do a testudo/ tortoise formation. I think the artefacts were amazing because of how long they have lasted. I was intrigued! Lily